Production System of MARPHI ARGAN

A high requirement in detail

We have set a principle of continuous improvement in order to offer ever-products of the highest quality it is. 
As for argan oil, we have taken the following steps including: 

  • In order to prevent any oxidation of almonds and any problems of hygiene and storage, argan oil is extracted only MARPHI almonds from freshly crushed fruit. We do that in the freshly pressed almond oil in bottles.
  • To avoid contamination, only high quality materials are in contact with argan oil MARPHI. We use such as stainless steel barrels and bottles or opaque violet glass bottles.

Some blame a lack of hygiene linked to the “pressure hand” of argan oil and prefer the “cold pressing”. We will not participate in any dogmatic discussion weighing the pros and cons of these methods. We prefer to present the fact – and a major study of GTZ gives reason – only the execution of professional and hygienic product indicates its quality, not the method chosen.

MARPHI ARGAN is launching a clear signal in terms of product quality.

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